Our Mission

The Neenah- Menasha St Vincent de Paul is an association of lay employees and volunteers dedicated to serve the needy of the Neenah-Menasha area, including portions of the Town of Neenah and the Town of Menasha. All who ask for assistance or come to our store are welcomed with dignity and respect.

Customers, employees, volunteers and those served are treated equally without regard to race, color, creed, age, sex or national origin. All people, including the disadvantaged, handicapped and other special persons are employed so that we may all benefit from the talents and abilities of everyone seeking employment.

Using sound business practices, surplus funds are used to support the efforts of those volunteers who tend the calls of the needy and other charitable causes approved by the Board of Directors.

On an annual basis, in fiscal 2018, the store helped almost 5,408 individuals with over $156,750 in direct aid. Historically, proceeds from the store have enabled the Neenah-Menasha SVDP to be completely self-sufficient.



Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson

Bob Gustafson

Patty Owen

Toni Aaron

Toni Aaron

Help Line Coordinator


Heather C.

Apparel supervisor

Cassidy O.

eCommerce and Linens

James K.

Donations and Housewares


Board Members

President: Judy Zaretzke

Treasurer: Kevin Sagers

Vice President: Open

Secretary: Jean Zuleger


More About Us

Last WEEK here at the St. Vincent de Paul Neenah – Menasha store, we helped 103 people from our community with basic essentials for their lives.  One family got a warm coat for their little girl, a pair of shoes for her brother and the dad got clothes for his new job.  This is just one example of what we do every day at St. Vincent de Paul.  We help people at the poverty level in our community with the basics they need for life but can’t afford.  We help give them a chance.

Over 50 years ago, we started this effort by taking donated clothing and household items that people no longer have a use for and we make these things available to the people here in Neenah-Menasha who have a dire need.  We have accomplished so much over the years but the need continues to grow.  This year we will have over 5,000 people who need our help – and we don’t turn anyone away.  We have a crew of over 375 volunteers that run our store.  They are not paid for their time.  They volunteer because they know there is an extreme need and because they really care.

Below are a few stories from people we have helped in the last few months:

This story of SVdP Neenah - Menasha help and support began many years ago.  Traci is a mother of 3 daughters and one son who is autistic.  She owns the house they live in. She has always worked and had the ability to pay the mortgage but with the economy she had to work reduced hours which made it difficult to make ends meet.  SVDP Neenah-Menasha has given them vouchers for food and paid for car repairs.  They have provided transportation for hospital and doctors’ visits.  They have assisted them with appliance repairs and a new dryer purchase. The family has had to deal with a house fire that severely damaged the house and all their clothing.  Traci was unable to work for a short time due to her own health.  Presently the family is doing quite well and in fact she has started her own small business as well as working part time.  Her children are also doing better than when we first met them.  We were able to provide all the services that this family received only because of the generous donations of goods that are given to us.  The sales from the store provide the necessary dollars that are needed to assist people in need.

We met a woman one cold day in December of 2013.  She was living in a homeless shelter and very much in need of guidance and help.  She had called the SVDP help line desperately seeking assistance. Because of her illness she was unable to work and this left her without insurance, the ability to pay rent, buy food and all other basic needs needed for survival.  We have helped her with transportation when the bus is not available, helped her put in job applications and apply for health care insurance.  Since then she has secured a job, housing and received health care coverage.  SVDP Neenah- Menasha has provided food vouchers, transportation, hygiene products and clothing from the store.  All this is possible because of the many hours by volunteers and the sales generated from the store that provide the necessary funds. 

Interested in helping us help others?  Contact us through svdpneenah.com or at 920-727-1766.