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Community Service Rules & Expectations * No I-pods, mp3 players ect * No Cell Phones in building - no calls or texting until break or end of shift * If you are unable to work assigned time you must call and TALK to Dan, Jennifer or Chris (do not leave a message) 920-727-1766 * Two no calls/no shows and you will be excused from the CS program at this store. * One 10 Minute Break for a three hour shift - One 20 minute break for a 6 hour shift. Shift supervisor will tell you when to take break. * Jobs assigned are expected to be completed without arguing or complaining. * There is always something to do, if a job cannot be assigned to you right away - start cleaning * Appropriate clothing must be worn. No sagging pants, half shirts, spaghetti tops, or suggestive & offensive logos. * Snacks in the kitchen are for volunteers - you are responsible for bringing your own food & drink. * When a task is completed look for a supervisor to receive next assignment, DO NOT wait for a supervisor to find you wondering around doing nothing.